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Boat Snacks

If you're heading out for a day on the boat, make sure you have a stocked cooler full of snacks to satisfy those cravings.  Host of “Cooking for Dads,” Rob Barrett, shares his advice and recipes to a fun day full of rays and good food.
Boat Snacks
Rob's tips:
  • Avoid stains - don’t bring red berries, red wine, dark fruit juices
  • Avoid meltdowns - only take things that have to be moderately cool. No chocolate, popsicles, or ice cream
  • Avoid dehydration - stay away from overly salty chips that make you thirsty
  • Avoid food poisoning - use store bought, pasteurized dips
Protein ideas:
  • Meat sticks - Rob recommends Von Hanson’s Teriyaki meat sticks
  • Salmon or fish dips - use chips or cucumber slices
  • Honey ham slices spread with cream cheese, rolled with grapes
  • Lettuce wraps with chicken salad
  • Watermelon spears
  • Fruit kabobs - buy fruit chunks at Whole Foods for easy construction and snip off sharp ends when done
  • Frozen grapes
  • Carrots, celery and cucumber slices are great for dips
  • Try jicama spears and radish slices
  • Use hummus dips or bean dips instead of mayo or sour cream dips
Rob’s Heckuva Dip Recipe
1 8 oz tub of sour cream, pasteurized
1/2 spoonful sugar
1/2 spoonful salt
1/2 spoonful ground pepper
2 cloves garlic, toasted and chopped finely
2 spoonfuls onion chopped finely
2 spoonfuls onion toasted
1 spoonful garlic powder
1 spoonful onion powder
1 spoonful fresh lemon juice
Chop the garlic and onion. In a frying pan over low heat toast the onion and garlic until soft and just browned.
Place a ingredients in small bowl.
Keep chilled.
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