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Good Company: Birchwood Café

Birchwood Café has been a popular restaurant in Minneapolis for twenty one years, but its history goes back years before. In 1926, it started as a dairy and was owned by Cy and Del Bursch. Business was good for some time, but then in the 1940’s it was converted into a grocery store called Birchwood. It was a place where people would go and Del and Cy always knew your name. It was a place where families would stop by just to say hello.

Years later in 1995, Birchwood became Birchwood Café. It was Tracy Singleton and her business partner at the time that opened what was supposed to be a coffee shop. They quickly changed their plan when people started asking about being open longer, they wanted food and instead of being a business opened just during the week, they soon were open on the weekends. Their business was booming.

Twenty one years later, Tracy is still the owner. She even lives right next door in the same house that used to be Cy and Del’s.

The restaurant is all about having real, good food. She was a leader in getting farm to table recipes for customers to enjoy. Today, that’s still the case and in the back of the restaurant there’s a kitchen garden. Many of the ingredients from some of your most popular dishes come from this garden.

Tracy has seen a lot of support over the years. That includes a kickstarter campaign that helped the restaurant get a major makeover. The hope was to get $100,000. Within a week of its finish date, almost $113,000 was raised.

Tracy is giving back, too. She and her team have teamed up with what’s called Birchwood Boost. It’s a program that helps give back to a nonprofit for two months. It’s once again about good, real food. She gets volunteers, raises awareness and helps the groups fundraise.

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