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Wedding Dessert Trends

Move over traditional wedding cake and cupcake there are new desserts for guests to enjoy at weddings.  Founder and co-owner of Taste of Love Bakery in Saint Paul, Marie Philipp, share three dessert trends you’ll enjoy this summer at weddings.  A donut buffet, a fake cake (don’t worry you’ll still enjoy cake) and a mini dessert display.     

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1.       Donuts - A lot of couples are asking for creative donut buffets. Specialty donuts such as Raspberry Cream, Cookies & Cream, Old Fashioned Cake, Maple Berry Bacon Long John and Donut Holes top the charts and make for an inciting and beautiful donut buffet when displayed on crates and glass pedestals. Donut walls, towers and peg boards are also a trend. 

2.       Elaborately decorated tiered 'fake cake' with an edible top tier accompanied by sheetcakes are also a trend. This helps give the look of a large custom wedding cake at a fraction of the cost. Rather than spending $560 for a cake, you can spend $380 to get the display cake with the real top to cut plus sheetcakes to serve the remaining 130 guests. A fondant version of this cake (on display) would be $780. 

3.       Mini Desserts – this is a favorite!  Learn about what the couple and their family like and put as much personalization into that buffet as possible. There are three categories of desserts to choose from and the average dessert buffet has 8-12 unique desserts. Most couples go with 2.5 mini desserts per guest. For a wedding with 250 guests and 10 unique desserts, pedestal and platter rental plus a 2-tier cake on a pedestal, delivery and setup your total bill would be about $780.