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6/17 Movie Trip

Can a sequel thirteen years later have any chance of capturing the magic of the original? Paul McGuire grimes from the website Paul’s Trip to the Movies joins us to give his opinion on the new Pixar movie “Finding Dory.” He also has an animated home release you may want to check out.

FINDING DORY (theatrical release)

It’s time to head back into the water with our favorite blue fish that suffers from short-term memory loss. As the opening points out, even as a wee little fish Dory suffered from a lack of memory. Your heart breaks when little Dory is out swimming one day and gets disconnected from her parents. Even after a valiant effort, she cannot find them. Years pass and as an adult she has long forgotten about this tragic event. The memory of her parents comes rushing back again with the mention of the water’s undertow by her clown fish friend, Marlin. She is bound and determined to set out and find them once and for all. Marlin, on the hand, is leery about travelling due to his own issues about finding his son Nemo. He finally agrees knowing the importance of family. Along with Nemo, the three of them swim to California hoping to be reunited with them. Their adventure hits a snag when Dory is scooped up in a net by marine biologists and taken to the Monterey Marine Life Institute. The always-optimistic Dory believes she may actually be on the right track thanks to clues she sees there. Meanwhile, Nemo and Marlin stop at nothing to find and rescue their friend.

-Featuring the voice work of: Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy, Diane Keaton, Idris Elba, Sigourney Weaver

-Bit surprised that Pixar basically recycled the plot of the first one for this with the title character getting separated from the rest of the characters, but instead of ending up in a fish tank, she gets lost at an aquarium/research facility.

-Location provides for more animals being featured like loons, otters, seals, and more human interaction showing off how kids and adults treat animals in captivity

-Filled with lots of heart and humor. Definitely plays with a lot of Dory-isms like “Just keep swimming”, forgetting what she just said or did, and speaking whale

-Per Pixar tradition, the animation is gorgeous and is extra stunning in 3D, which I normally don’t recommend.

-Really nice messages for kids about staying connected to what matters most, importance of family, and succeeding at whatever you put your mind to. Parents of kids with disabilities will really connect to the material.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Even though it’s not as creative as the first, both parents and their kids will respond strongly to it.



ZOOTOPIA (home release)

The idea of predator and prey living in harmony where anyone can be anything seems to be the ideal image for a young bunny named Judy Hopps. Ever since she was a little bunny she was bound and determined to be a cop in the world of Zootopia where mammals of all species roam free and carry out their every day lives of going to work and raising a family. Judy’s parents break the news to her that no bunny has ever been a cop in the history of Zootopia. Fifteen years pass and she joins the police academy. She moves out of her bunny village to live in District 1, the inclusive downtown district. Her first day in the academy brings out the reality that she is by far the smallest animal among the follow students that are comprised of bears, rhinos, and lions, etc… When all of the other students are offered the cool, important cases, Judy is stuck being a lousy meter maid and in turn is ridiculed by the other cops. Her days as a beginning cop take a turn for the better when she is given 48 hours to find a missing otter. Her excitement and determination are kicked into high gear in order to prove herself to the rest of the academy. She turns to a sly fox named Nick Wilde who previously pulled a fast one over her to help her with the case as he may have intel on the victim’s whereabouts.

-Featuring the voices of: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate, J.K. Simmons, Octavia Spencer

-Ginnifer Goodwin has a sweet adorable quality that she brings to Judy.

-Latest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios and the creators of Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled. Every Disney movie feels so different in its ideas and approach. Zooptopia is their take on a who-done-it mystery.

-Strong messages about inclusivity, discrimination, and the dangers of stereotypes and makes them accessible for kids to understand.

-Silly playful fun for children with plenty of laughs for adults that will surely go over children’s heads. There’s one particular scene where Judy and Nick go to a DMV and depicts how slow it can be by having it employed by sloths.

-There are not only references to other Disney movies, but also The Godfather and Breaking Bad for the adults

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Disney continues its string of hits