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Good Company: Jimmy’s Salad Dressings and Dips

Stewartville, Minnesota is a small town just twelve miles south of Rochester. It’s also home to a family run company that has made its mark in Minnesota and in seventeen other states.

Jimmy’s Salad Dressings and Dips has quite the history in Stewartville. It is Tom Slightam that owns the company today, but it started in his family’s business years before. Tom’s parents Jimmy and Ella ran The Fish House restaurant for forty years. Jimmy didn’t like the salad dressing that was offered. So, he started making his own recipes. It was such a hit with customers that they started asking how they could buy it. Then, a local grocery store picked them up and the rest is history.

In 1990, Tom bought the salad dressing business. He eventually re-named it and called it Jimmy’s in honor of his dad. Today, Jimmy’s Salad Dressing and Dips can be found in all sorts of grocery stores. The dressings have many uses and there’s even an entire section on the company’s website devoted to helping customers find new uses and recipes.

Jimmy’s is still a family run business. Tom’s wife and sons are also part of the company. There are 18 employees and many of them have been there for years. Some even started in the family’s restaurant.

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