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Cooking with Honey

The students at The Art Institutes International Minnesota are gearing up for their bee focused display at the Northern Sparks Festival. Northern Sparks is an annual arts festival in Minneapolis. The year’s theme is related to climate change. There are four areas of study at AIM: fashion, media, culinary and design. Students from various programs within those areas of study have put together interactive art projects and displays that will be featured in the Guthrie Theater during Northern Spark.

Chef Instructor Amy Carter stops by the TCL kitchen to give Steve and Elizabeth a crash course in making honey truffles.

Milk Chocolate Honey Truffle
(Art Institute does everything by weight, not cups)  
This recipe was adapted from the On Baking Book by Sarah R. Labensky, their text book.

For Ganache filling                   

1 lb. Milk Chocolate - not chips, but good quality Couvture chocolate
5 oz. Heavy Cream
2 oz Honey
8 oz Softened butter (make sure not to microwave it to soften)

Melt milk chocolate in a bowl over a double boiler, being careful not to scorch. 
Heat cream to a scald and pour over melted chocolate.
Carefully whisk in honey to mixture and combine well
Put butter into mixture in small pieces - but all at one time
Combine to make a smooth mixture.  This may take some work to get it smoother - but just stay with it.
Put into a bowl cover and chill until firm

For outside coating:

12 ounces of raw sugar
3 ounces Bee Pollen

Mix together well and put into a shallow container, like a pie pan.
Then using a small spoon or mellon baller - scoop and drop into sugar/bee pollen mixture and roll until coated.
Refrigerate truffles until you are ready to serve them