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Good Company: Tommy’s Tonka Trolley

For 17 years, Tommy’s Tonka Trolley has been a staple in the west metro. But it wasn’t until about 12 years ago that things really started to take off with Tommy Drummond’s business. Tommy sells Sebastian Joe’s ice cream, but that’s not the only thing that attracts people summer after summer.

Tommy is known as the guy that knows everyone.  He says he tries to get to know his customers. So, he comes to work every day. He’s not inside the trolley scooping ice cream. He stands outside and greets what can sometimes be long lines that wrap around the block.  

Tommy’s business has changed over the years. In addition to ice cream and hot dogs,  you can also rent paddle boards and kayaks. It’s been a huge boost to business.

It was a rough few years when he got started, but after moving locations and with a few changes, Tommy’s business is still thriving years later.  Tommy estimates that he has worked some 2200 hours in just six months last summer. Time he says is well worth it. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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