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Ambush Makeover: Stephanie

Every month we ask viewers to email us if they want to make a big change to their hair, clothes and makeup. A few weeks ago, an email was sent to the TCL inbox that we just couldn't ignore.  Stephanie, a mom from Maple Grove, wrote this:  "Help! My hair is turning gray - frizzy and brittle too. My stomach is bloated all the time. I'm embarrassed to even show you. There appears to be an elephant, with all his wrinkles, living on what was once my smooth forehead, and my skin is so dry I feel like a stale piece of bread. My daughter is graduating high school, how much more can I take?! I need bangs or Botox - or both, changes I must make! Please help a middle aged mom out, a makeover is what I'm talkin' bout."

So TCL reporter Kelli Hanson reached out and guess who said yes to a makeover? Take a look at Stephanie’s amazing transformation.

Thanks to Chico’s in Maple Grove for providing Stephanie new outfit.  TCL Stylist and Owner of Corset Styling, Jodi Mayers, can help you shop for a new look! Click here to learn more about her styling services.