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6/3 Movie Trip

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back on the big screen as well a movie that will have you grabbing for the tissue. Plus the 100th anniversary of the Uptown Theater. Paul McGuire Grimes from the website Paul’s Trip to the Movies tells us what is worth the trip.   

ME BEFORE YOU (theatrical release)

Bring your tissues as you may need them for the latest tearjerker romance to hit the big screen. Me Before You is the extremely popular book by Jojo Moyes that was the target of many book clubs across the nation. She has written the screenplay for the movie so there is a level of trust in place that the movie version will be faithful to the book. Emilia Clarke stars as the perky Louisa “Lou” Clarke who has recently lost her job at a bakery. After meeting with a staffer at a job agency, she applies to be the caregiver for a quadriplegic man living at a castle nearby. Only after accepting the job does she realize that he is the young and gorgeous Will Traynor. His relationship and outgoing lifestyle was forever changed when he was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the street. Now he’s bitter, anger, and irritable. His personality really clashes with the always-chatty Lou to the point where she contemplates quitting. Slowly but surely they start to open up to each other, and like any good romantic story, the chemistry between them cannot be contained. If you’ve read or seen any other story like this, you know there must be that big revelation that has to rear its ugly and become a game changer between the two of them. I have never read the book, and I was plenty surprised to say that I didn’t see that one coming.

-Starring: Emilia Clarke (Games of Thrones), Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games), Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter) Charles Dance, Janet McTeer

-Fans of The Notebook and The Fault in Our Stars should latch on to Lou and Will’s story pretty quickly, even though this isn’t as good as though two.

-Emilia Clarke is completely adorable and effervescent as Lou. She makes some of her more annoying qualities tolerable despite the way Will perceives her. It’s a great role for her to distance herself from Daeneryes on Game of Thrones

-Instant chemistry between Clarke and Claflin. Jojo Moyes bring a very playful sense of humor to their interactions.

-Naturally there are some predictable moments along the way. You can’t go into this with a cynical point of few. It’s a really sweet story if you can go along for the romantic ride.

-Great music to put you in the mood for a tragic love story.  Whimsical score and music heavy songs from X Ambassadors and Ed Sheeran.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Just when you thought Nicholas Sparks killed the genre, Jojo Moyes sucks you back in.




Our favorite turtles in a half shell are back, and the sequel is a vast improvement on the first one in the recent reboot of four crime fighters. New York City is in safer hands now that Shredder has been captured thanks to the Turtles and Vern the cameraman. Vern gets all of the credit while they need to remain in the sewers. Dr. Baxter Stockman is a “mad scientist” who has created a secret ooze, and it turns out he has been secretly working with Shredder’s Foot Clan. When Shredder is being transported to another prison, the Clan uses one of Dr. Stockman’s teleportation devices to aid in his escape. The Turtles arrive on the scene to stop them, but prove unsuccessful in their attempt. With the help of news reporter April O’Neil and up and coming officer Casey Jones, they set out to find Shredder and his two henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady. What they don’t realize is that Shredder has teamed up with another villain named Krang, who is even more menacing and diabolical…and slimy.

-Starring: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Tyler Perry, Stephen Amell (Arrow), Laura Linney and Tony Shaloub and Brad Garrett do voice work in the film

-Most of the actors are fully aware they are in a Turtles movie and allow themselves to be a bit heightened and not take themselves too seriously. Megan Fox isn’t a good enough actor to know the difference and still feels awfully miscast.

-Sets out to be an exciting and action-filled film for young kids and succeeds at appealing to that demographic with its humor and interactions between the turtles and how it plays into the 3D. Aimed at a younger audience then the Marvel movies.

-Motion capture on the turtles is better than it was in the first film. We get to see more of their personalities and their playful nature and banter comes through, which was oddly missing from the first movie.

-Longtime fans of the Ninja Turtles will be happy to see the return of Casey Jones, Bebop and Rocksteady, and other nods to the original movies.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Nowhere near as good as the Marvel franchise but leagues better than any of the Transformers movies.




This week marks the 100th anniversary celebration of the Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis. The theater officially opened June 3, 1916 and has become one of the longest running movie theaters in the Twin Cities. It has gone through a few renovations throughout that time. They are commemorating the history and legacy with a week long run of classic films. It’s a rarity to have the opportunity to see some of these fine films on the big screen. The celebration starts Friday, June 3rd with a tour, cocktail hour, and their screening of The Women, starring Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. Here is a list of the events, features, and showtimes.

When: Friday, June 3 – Thursday, June 9

Where: Uptown Theater
2906 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, 55408

How Much: $7-$9


Friday, June 3

The Women (1939) 1:00, 4:00, 8:00
Special tour presented by Preserve Minneapolis and the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota 6:30
Special Opening night Pre-Party 7:00
This was the first film screened after their big 1939 renovation!
King Kong (1933) 12:00 Midnight


Saturday, June 4

The Wizard of Oz (1939) – 11:00
Citizen Kane (1941) - 1:20, 4:00, 6:45, 9:30
The Cabinet of Dr. Galigeri – Midnight


Sunday, June 5

The Wizard of Oz (1939) 12:00pm
Seven Samurai - 2:30, 7:00


Monday, June 6

Rebel without a Cause (1955) - 2:00, 4:35, 7:10, 9:45


Tuesday, June 7

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) - 1:00, 4:30, 8:00


Wednesday, June 8

The Godfather (1972)- 12:30, 4:15, 8:00


Thursday, June 9

Cinema Paradiso (1988) 1:20, 4:10, 7:00, 9:50