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Good Company: Minnesota Nice Spice

Debb Masterson has always been a foodie and she has always loved tinkering with different spice blends, but it was when her sister needed help that she decided to start her own company. Her sister, Lucy, spends her days at the Interact Center for Artists with Disabilities in Minneapolis. When Debb found out that Interact needed some financial help, she decided it was time to help. Deb started Minnesota Nice Spice. A portion of proceeds go to help Interact.

Minnesota Nice Spice started with six products. Today, it features 17 hand crafted spices. The blending, the bottling and the labeling is all done by hand in a small space in Northeast Minneapolis. Lucy works alongside Debb. The two of them truly have a special bond. Lucy loves art and she drew a sun that is now displayed on the label for Minnesota Nice Spice.

Debb started the company as a way to help her sister and to help people shop for corporate gifts and gifts for friends. Today, her products are in several stores,  including Target.  Debb says when Target contacted her,  she had no idea how she would go from such a small company to one that provides product for some 60 stores. Her customers and friends nominated her for Deluxe Corporation’s Small Business Revolution. Debb won $25,000. That money helped her hire help and it helped her get enough product and equipment to keep up. The prize was presented by Robert Herjavec of the hit ABC show “Shark Tank”.

Debb says the biggest blessing is that her company makes people happy and that her sister has purpose. Lucy is thrilled to come to work and says she’s a hard worker who loves her sister, the customers and helping others.

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