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Outdoor Science Lab for Kids

Our Kitchen Pantry Scientist, Liz Heinecke has a new book coming out called, “Outdoor Science Lab for Kids”. With the ideas from the book, your kids won’t be getting bored anytime quick this summer!

1.      Bubbles aren’t just cool. They can teach you a little bit about science. I’ll show viewers how to make giant bubbles using easy-to-find ingredients and we’ll demo how cool they are.

2.      You don’t need fancy paper to make sun prints. Pull out some colored construction paper and let ultraviolet light do the rest! I’ll show viewers how to make simple sun prints.

3.      Have you ever wondered what bugs you can find hiding in tall grass? (Other than ticks, that is.) We’ll make homemade sweep nets that can be used to discover a hidden world of insects and arthropods.