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Lipstick and Eye Color

The color wheel is a staple used by artists and designers when picking a color palate.  The wheel shows which colors best complement each other.  Makeup artist from New Reflections Salon, Julie Martin, says you should also do this with your make up.  Your eye color determines the shade of lipstick you wear if you want to enhance your eyes.

Blue Eyes:
Blue and orange are complimentary colors, so look for a lip color that has more of an orange/coral base to enhance blue eyes.

  • Aveda Cana Lipstick
  • Aveda Uruku Tangerina Crème Gloss
  • Aveda Sheer Clove

Brown Eyes:
Brown eyes are a neutral color so any lip color will work.  Julie likes pairing brown eyes with bright pink for contrast and a pop of color.  If you have warm golen tones, pick lip color that has golden/bronze tones in it.

  • Aveda Wild Fuchsia Lipstick
  • Aveda Hot Pepper Lipstick
  • Aveda Uruku Berry Crème Gloss

Green Eyes:
Green and red are complimentary colors on the color wheel.  When looking at color wheel stay on the red to purple side when choosing lip colors.

  • Aveda Poppy Lipstick
  • Aveda Rare Orchid
  • Aveda Star Grape