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Good Company: Schwan Food Company

Schwan Food Company started in March of 1952. Marvin Schwan and his family ran a local dairy. Business was struggling. So, Marvin packed his 1946 Dodge panel van with dry ice and ice cream and drove around selling it to families. He sold all fourteen gallons. Marvin was just 23 years old and he was on to something.

By 1963, eighty three trucks were on the road and it wasn’t just ice cream that was being sold. Today, Schwan Food Company has more than 12,000 employees and is a multi-billion dollar company. Schwan’s food is still sold in its traditional delivery service. It’s also in grocery store freezers and can be found in the food service industry.

The subsidiaries of Schwan Food Company have donated more than five million pounds of food and ingredients to Feeding America and its affiliated food banks since July 2011. Schwan’s and its employees have also given about $3 million dollars to local chapters of United Way over the last 16 years. These are just two examples of how the company has been giving back to the community.

Schwan Food Company has a pizza plant in Kansas as well as facilities in Houston, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

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