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Ice Cream Cake Popsicles

Two summer essentials: Popsicles and ice cream!  It would be tough to get through a Minnesota summer without them.  Owner of Angel Food Bakery, Katy Gerdes, has put those essentials together to create Ice Cream Cake Popsicles.

Ice Cream Cake Popsicles:

Stuff You Need:

                3 pints of ice cream, any flavors, softened
                Sprinkles or other toppers (cookies pieces, candy bar pieces, nuts, etc)
                1 loaf pan or other narrow pan
                Popsicle sticks

1: Line pan with plastic wrap

2: Make a small layer of sprinkles or other toppings on bottom of pan

3: Take first flavor of ice cream and gently scoop & spread into bottom of pan, trying to keep sprinkles as evenly dispersed as possible.

4: Place pan in freezer for aprox 30 minutes or until slightly firm (doesn’t need to freeze completely).

5: Add second flavor of ice cream and repeat freezing for 30 more minutes.

6: Add third flavor of ice cream.

7: Before freezing, add popsicle sticks about every inch, making sure to push down into the firm layers of ice cream

8: Freeze overnight or until solid.

9: Right before serving, remove from pan and slice in between popsicle sticks.

10: Enjoy!