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Em’s Adventures: Chess Champ

Wesley So has made a living out of playing chess. At just 22  years old, he travels the world competing against some of the best. Wesley learned to play the game from his dad when Wesley was six years old. He started competing in tournaments three years later. He grew up in the Philippines and at fourteen years old, he became the Philippines youngest National Champion, International Master and Grandmaster all at the same time.

In 2012, Wesley came to the United States. That move helped him jump from the top 100 to top 10 in the world. He became a power player and has since competed in a big time tournaments, including Millionaire Open in Las Vegas where he won $100,000.

Despite traveling world-wide, Wesley calls Minnetonka home. He often practices his moves at the Ridgedale library. That’s where he met up with Emily to give her some pointers in “Em’s Adventures”.

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