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Home Improvement Apps

You don't have to buy a lot of expensive gadgets to measure out your next home improvement project. Your smartphone can handle a lot of those tasks for a whole lot less! Our TCL Tech Producer and resident "Mr. Fix-It" Christian Unser shows you how.

1. If you need to draw a floorplan: Roomscan Pro

Simply place your smartphone against each wall in your room until it beeps. When it's done, you'll have a floorplan of your room complete with measurements!

2. If you need to measure something: MagicMeasure (iOS/Android)

You can take a picture of an object and the app can estimate its dimensions.

3. If you want to repaint a room: Tappainter

This app allows you to pick a paint color from a popular brand and see what it will look like on your wall.

4. If you need to straighten something: iHandy Level (iOS/Android)

A handy level to use when hanging pictures and artwork!