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Good Company: Snake Eyes Yard Games

Jeremy Exley and his buddies are big fans of playing dice games, but when the weather turned nice Jeremy didn’t want to play inside. So, he looked for dice games that could be played in the yard. He could only find plastic dice or those fuzzy dice that people hang on a car mirror. Determined to find something that would work, Jeremy decided to make his own out of wood. His family and friends knew he was onto something. He made more and before he knew it, he was selling several of them.

Jeremy started the company Snake Eyes Yard Games in 2010.  Just two years later, his products became so popular that he had to figure out a way to keep up with demand. Snake Eyes Yard Games are being sold wholesale, in retail stores and online. Customers live all over the country.

Snake Eyes Yard Games is based in Bloomington, but all the products are made in Savage. Everything is made from wood. Today, the company makes dice, dominos, tic-tac-toe, kubb, bricks and bag toss.

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