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Good Company: Summit Brewing Company

Summit Brewing Company is celebrating a big anniversary. The company was started by founder Mark Stutrud 30 years ago. It was a big risk back in 1986, but that risk has certainly paid off. Summit Brewing Company really helped pioneer the craft beer scene. Today, Summit has produced 46 different beers and is available in 14 states. Stutrud says the key to success has been consistency, innovation and community involvement. He says it’s the people behind Summit that have helped make it a success.
There is a science to making beer and Summit has a lab devoted to making sure the beer is the best quality every time. There’s even a chemist that constantly tests and tastes the beer to make sure. The company also does pantry tastings with staff to really show off the senses and the taste of the beer and how it relates to different foods. 
To celebrate the 30 year anniversary, Summit has four anniversary beers that will be available throughout the year for a limited time. There are also concerts, festivities and another events planned to help mark the big occasion. 
Emily takes us inside Summit to show us around. 
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