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Be Well with TCL: Doctor and Nurse Weight Loss

Medifast Centers was started in the 1980s by a doctor. The idea behind the program is to teach people the right way to eat healthy and better. They use science to help people understand how to change their eating habits. The programs are customized to work with each person individually. There are some meal replacements to help folks get started, but there’s also a staff to help people learn to eat real food even after the client has reached their goal weight. It’s that ongoing support that worked for two people in particular. They are both in the medical field. They liked that the science behind the program. 
Dr. Paul Olson has lost 106 pounds. He says he needed to get his life back. He could barely tie his shoes, he wasn’t golfing as much and he used to love to dance, but stopped because it was too hard as he gained weight. Today, he’s doing all of those things again. He looks and feels better and he says he’s healthier than ever. 
Sue Wehr is a registered nurse. She hast lost about 80 pounds and around 41 inches. Before choosing Medifast Centers, she researched all sorts of plans for a month. She says she needed the change because her doctor was about to put her on insulin because her health was so bad. It scared her into reality and she knew she had to do something. Sue says it’s the ease of the program that has worked for her. She’s cooking  healthier food, she’s no longer using a cane to walk and she can exercise again. 
Emily shares has more on both of their success stories. 
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