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Be Well with TCL: Allergies 101

Over 67-million people suffer from seasonal allergies and one of the biggest culprits is pollen. According to the website www.pollen.com, Minnesotans better buckle up because we could start seeing some of the highest pollen counts in the country.

In this Be Well with TCL, we’re tackling not only how to help tame seasonal allergies, but how to prevent the sneezing and watery eyes from even starting. Alternative Health Specialist Dr. Bryce Wylde stopped by with a few suggestions.

  1. What's making allergies worse?
    + The food you’re eating: called 'Pollen-Food Allergy"
                - alder pollen: almonds, apples, strawberry
                - birch pollen: avocados, bananas, carrots
                - grass pollen: melons, tomatoes
                - ragweed pollen: cucumber, green pepper, chamomile tea

    2. How do we prevent them?
    + Quick fix:
                - Morning: avoid 5-10am outdoors
                - Night: shower before bed and put pillow case in dryer before you go to bed

    + Suggested products:
                - Pollentec: clean air window screens       
                - Hepa Filtration on central air (and frequent furnace filter change)
                - Neti Pot (to irrigate your nose from pollens)
    3. Treating allergies
    + "bee pollen shake"  -- to stabilize your immune system
                - bee pollen, yogurt, probiotics, spirulina, pear juice, applesauce

+ Natural over the counter solutions
            - Quercetin
            - Similisan (for eye and nasal symptoms)