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DIY Patio Décor

Minnesotan’s take advantage of every sunny day during our short spring and summer.  While enjoying your patio you want to make it beautiful and comfortable too.  TCL Craft Star, Alisun Abbott, shows us how we can create a very comfortable outdoor space.

  1. Shower Curtain Art:

I have a large dull-looking fence that overpowers my patio seating area.  In the past. I have clustered larger planters in front of this fence, but this year I wanted to add more style and function.  I started searching the web for outdoor art and I was surprised that I was coming-up empty handed. This unsuccessful search, made me think of what would be needed to create an impactful piece of outdoor art that would also cover-up something boring and bland. My wheels started spinning and I came-up with three necessities for this piece. 

The piece of art would need to be large, water-resistant, and light-weight. With my list of criteria for this DIY project, I went to Target to look for inspiration. I was happily surprised when I walked into the shower curtain aisle. It was a glorious sight to see many artful options that were all large, water resistant, and lightweight! I picked-up a few cheerful options and knew that I would need to make an inexpensive and durable frame. After a trip to the hardware store and some simple measurements, I created a frame for the shower curtain.  This Project is Awesome and Under $30!

Below are the steps and tools needed to create this DIY Patio Shower Curtain Canvas:

  • Purchase or re-use a colorful shower curtain: canvas-like material is best.
  • Measure: I took three measurements: I measured the patio space where the shower curtain canvas will hang, the most visual part of the shower curtain, and my car’s trunk!  (If you are not transporting your shower curtain canvas, your measurements could be the full size of the shower curtain, which is approximately 72’ x 72’.) 
  • Purchase Two 1’x2’ of Lumber from the hardware store:  I had mine cut to five feet. This is the top and bottom of the canvas frame.
  • Purchase Three 1’x2’ of Lumber from the hardware store:  I had mine cut to three and half feet. These are the middle and side pieces of the canvas frame.
  • Drill & Screws: Lay your pieces of wood on the floor and create your frame. Take one of the five feet pieces of wood and one of the three and half feet pieces of wood and make a 90 degree angle, with your drill fasten the corners. After you have secured the frame’s first corner, repeat with the remaining three corners. To create more stability, find the center of your square and add a middle support beam by drilling it to the 1’x2’ that are three and half feet.
  • Staple Gun: Lay your shower curtain over the wooden frame and secure with staples. Make clean corners by folding the fabric. 

This is an impactful piece of art and really grounds my patio space! I spent around $10 on wood to create the frame and $20 on the Shower Curtain.

  1. Tassel & Pom-Pom Pillows

I love adding cozy elements to patio spaces. It’s the small details normally found in our homes that when brought to outdoor spaces, enable us to relax and enjoy this beautiful time of year, even more.

My patio furniture is fictional but not very stylish or comfortable. I knew that bringing some pillows to my furniture, would add comfort but with some DIY love, I could add some cheerful style!I also find most patio specific pillows lack in style, so I opted to use pillows that I already own.(I can easily take the sewn-on tassels and pom-poms off, once patio season is over and return the pillows to the little sofa in my guest room.)

Below are Three Easy Ways to Add Some Color to Pillows:

  • Tassels: Buy them pre-made at the Craft Store for $3 or Make your Own with Embroidery Thread for 40. Cents
  • Pom-Poms: There are so many colors to choose from at the craft store. Sew them onto a corner of any pillow for a cheerful pop of color.
  • Pop-Pom Garland: Purchase by the yard at the craft store. Add to a pillow with Liquid Stich.
  1. Spray-Paint Flower Pots & add Decorative Contact Paper

Through the years, I have gathered a bunch of random flower pots. I guess, they are just hard for me to get rid of. (Somehow, I don’t think I am alone in this. It must be a Minnesotan thing- I just cherish this season so-much that I wanna hold-on to it for as long as I can!)  Needless to say, this random collection of old flower pots needed an update. I spray-painted my little quirky collection the same color, and by doing this added an instant look that is vibrant and cohesive.

Below is a quick way to update existing flower Pots:

  • I purchased one can of bright blue spray paint from the hardware store. I looked for a brand that adheres to plastic.
  • I sprayed the flower pots with a hose to wash any existing dirt and then let them dry.
  • I sprayed three coats of spray paint. I applied the spray-paint roughly every 20 minutes- so that the paint would dry and not streak.
  • For any added element of style, I added circles that were cut from a decorative shelf paper that I purchased from the hardware store for $4.