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Kid Connection: Tyler’s New Home

In May 2015, we launched our series called Kid Connection, where we introduce you to kids here in Minnesota searching for an adoptive family. Since then we've learned that 10 kids we've featured are in pre-adoptive placement. We promised a follow-up and here it is.

In November we shared Tyler's story. He told us he wanted to become a fashion designer, so we introduced him to our friend and Project Runway Designer, Christopher Straub. That day was pretty special to this teenager, but not as special as what happened in February. That's when he got a call that changed his life.

Donald McFarland had been wanting to adopt for some time, and never thought it would be a 16-year-old that would change his life. The two were matched earlier this year and now they call each other family. Not only has Donald provided Tyler a home, he also got him into a Fine Arts high school and has embraced Tyler’s passion for fashion design.

TCL reporter Kelli Hanson caught up with Tyler and his new family in this Kid Connection.



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