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Beauty Buzz

Washing your hair seems pretty straight forward -- wash with shampoo, then follow up with conditioner. But what if we told you that's not the way to do it after all?  It’s called reverse hair washing, where you put the conditioner on first. It's big beauty buzz, but does it really do anything? TCL’s beauty guru Sara Bartlett stopped by to tell us what the buzz is all about. 

  1. Reverse-washing your hair
    + it promises more volume and bounce to your hair
    + there is a trick: apply conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes then don't rinse it out! Instead, apply your shampoo and use that to rinse out the conditioner
  2. Battle of the beauty blenders
    + beauty blenders, and their knock-offs, promise a better, more uniform blending experience for your makeup
    + how to use: saturate it with water, then squeeze the excess out. the blender should be soft and fluffy. apply foundation to back of your hand, then dip the sponge into product. lightly tap the sponge on your skin to apply and blend the foundation
    + products:
       - original beauty blender ($20 at Sephora)
       - Sephora’s airbrush sponge ($12 at Sephora)
       - real techniques miracle complexion sponge ($6.99 at ULTA)
  1. Gluten free makeup

+ like many food trends (organic, superfoods, etc) cosmetic marketers are capitalizing on the increased interest in gluten-free products

+ products:
            - e.l.f. (Target)
            - Zuzu Luxe (Whole Foods)
            - Too Faced (Sephora)

+ For those who legitimately have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, many advocates recommend not using makeup that includes gluten. However, many doctors such as at mayo clinic report that it's not necessary to avoid gluten in makeup - the gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin and cause any issue.

  1. Anti-aging nail products
    + Peptides have become a standard ingredient for an anti-aging skincare regiment. and now they're coming to a manicure near you

+ Product
            - Dermelect-- nail polish line that's infused peptides in their polish