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Makeover: Grays to Glam!

When we ask viewers to email us if they want a makeover often times we get people asking for a fresh start, a new look to make them feel better. Other times we get nominations telling us their friend or mom could use a little updating.

A few weeks ago we got an email from Gina, telling us why she thought her mom deserved a makeover.
She told us "My mom is amazing. While my husband was deployed she was over multiple times a week to help out with our newborn son, and stayed the night many times as well, just to give me rest." So we thought we'd treat Gina's mom Jessie to a day of pampering and what she got was a new and improved version of herself. 

If you're looking for a new Spring style, join Emily on April 14th at Ridgedale Center. There you'll learn from New Reflection's Salon top stylists on how to look like you just left the salon every day. Reserve your spot for $25 and then redeem that in product the night of the event.

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