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Heartland Tours and Travel

Heartland Tours and Travel is a Minnesota based tour company. The company owns its own motor coaches and takes folks all over North America for vacation. We’re talking Cape Cod, Washington D.C., Niagra Falls, even Vegas. One of the most popular upcoming trips is to Canada to do some whale watching. Tours range in time from as little as 5 up to 11 days. The trips cost as little as $99 a day. The motor coaches are designed for tour. They have comfortable seats, overhead space, music, Wi-Fi and even outlets for charging phones and laptops.

Heartland Tours and Travel does the work for you. They plan the trip, get you where you need to go and they also get tickets and anything you may need for sightseeing before you arrive. Even the trips are planned out, there is also some down time so people can go off on their own to explore. The trips also include some fun surprise stops along the way to see things like wineries, scenic spots, and unique shops.

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