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How to Dress Powerfully

The type of jewelry you wear, the patterns on your pants and the colors you chose can go a long way toward presenting a "powerful" image. Presence engineer Roshini Rajkumar shares her tips and tricks on presenting the best version of yourself.

How to keep from looking older:

  • Avoid untailored items
  • Avoid drab colors
  • Avoid loud patterns

How to look younger:

  • Light and bright colors
  • Fun textures that aren't too busy
  • Metal and leather jewelry

How to use makeup:

  • Know your colors - what's too stark, what's too pale?
  • Take at least one professional makeup lesson to learn how to best apply for your face

Roshini is a communications coach, speaker and author. You can find out more about her services and pick up a copy of her book "Communicate That!" on her website, OwnYourWow.