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Em’s Adventures: Children’s Theatre Company “Animal Dance”

“Animal Dance” is a show designed for preschool kids. The stars of the show are real animals. There are dogs, baby goats, a chicken, bunny and even a tortoise. Ann Carlson narrates, sings and dances with the animals while they move in their natural state. Ann was awarded the Doris Duke Artist Award in Dance in 2015. Ann watches and reacts to the animals as they move and in some cases, just sit. There’s even a song that talks about animal “accidents”.

Every “Animal Dance” performance is unique because you never know how the animals will react. It’s about appreciating the small things in life and taking time to notice those moments.

Emily meets some of the stars and also gets a lesson in contemporary dance from Ann in “Em’s Adventures”.

For ticket information and show times, click here.

“Animal Dance” runs through May 1, 2016.