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3/25 Movie Trip

2016 is looking to be the mother of all sequel sprees. 33 movies coming out this year are sequels including two this weekend. Paul McGuire Grimes from the website Paul’s Trip to the Movies tells us if they are worth the trip and recommends a sequel for home release.

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2 (theatrical release)

The Portokalos family is back and crazier than ever. It doesn’t feel all that long along that nerdy Toula fell in love and married Ian Miller. Seventeen years have passed and their daughter Paris is now a moody teen looking to distance herself from her parents and her extended family. College is on the horizon, and so is the prom. Grandpa Gus wants her to marry a Greek boy, and Toula and Ian want her to stay in Chicago. With Paris being the center of attention, Toula and Ian have grown into their marriage to the point where they haven’t really focused their time and energy on themselves. Thankfully Andrea Martin’s saucy Aunt Voula can come to the rescue with bedroom advice as a way to rekindle their marriage. Paris, Toula, and Ian aren’t the only members of the family going through an identity crisis. Gus becomes obsessed with his ancestry in hopes of linking the family to Alexander the Great. In the midst of his research he finds out that his marriage certificate to Maria was never signed. He wants to get married again, but she holds out until he is willing to go through with a proper proposal.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Far better than I would have ever expected.



BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (theatrical release)

Bruce Wayne steps down in Metropolis as it is under attack from General Zod. It’s the same sequence that ended Man of Steel, but we’re now seeing it through the lens of Bruce Wayne. Wayne Enterprises is in Metropolis and many of Bruce’s employees perish or suffer traumatic injuries as a result. Bruce is left livid questioning the morality behind Superman’s actions as thousands of lives were taken in the process. Eighteen months pass and Superman continues to be a target for the people of Metropolis who continue to debate the necessity of their super hero. Clark Kent’s girlfriend Lois Lane tries to prove why he is a necessity for the city. Bruce starts to investigate into the inner secrets over at LexCorp which is now being run by Alexander Luthor, the son of Lex Luthor. He has more than one trick up his sleeve and gets hands on a mineral that could kill Superman once and for all.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? All bulk, no substance



It’s all come down to this for Katniss Everdeen who was given the title of the Mockingjay. She is seen as the face of the Panem’s rebellion against President Snow and the Capital. Her friend, Peeta, is being held under quarantine after being placed under a mental spell by Snow. This along with other personal losses along the way are catalysts in her determination to defeat his reign of power. Katniss is tasked with going to the remaining districts in order to get them to join the rebellion. At one point she is shot down and believed to be dead, and Panem’s leader, Alma Coin, and gamemaker Plutarch want her to lie low and hidden. She is too strong-willed to stay in hiding and decides to go rogue. Fellow friends and tributes join her as they march their way to the grounds of the Capital battling guards, traps, creatures, and even death along the way.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Don’t worry; Part 2 is a satisfying conclusion for all the Katniss fans out there.