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Unique Ways to Color Easter Eggs

As a lot of you get ready for Easter this weekend, cooking, decorating for a family dinner, we wanted to share a little inspiration via Pinterest! TCL reporter Kelli Hanson scoured that website looking for unique ways to color your eggs this Easter. Were they a Pinterest success or Pinterest fail?

1. Watercolor eggs
+ what you need:

            - watercolors  
            - paintbrush

**difficulty level: super easy**
            - kids of all ages can do this  
            - adults will love it -- it's therapy!

2. Tattoo Eggs

+ what you need:
            - temporary tattoos
            - Kelli chose metallic tattoos
            - wet sponge or cloth

**difficulty level: easy**
            - Kelli’s 6-year-old mastered it
            - Kelli had to help my three year old
            - teaches patience

3. Nail polish Eggs

+ what you need:
            - nail polish (Kelli suggests finding some in the dollar bin -- you're pouring it out anyway)
            - disposable container
            - room temperature water      

**difficulty level: moderate**
            - Kelli’s 6-year-old had a blast
            - too messy for toddler
            - wear gloves!!!!

4. Melted crayon eggs

+ what you need:
            - warm egg
            - crayons

**difficulty level: moderate**
            - directions said to let the egg cool for 1-2 minutes (think much longer!!)
            - is messy
            - crayon can rub off
            - but fun for kids of all ages