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Good Company: Caribou Coffee

Emily takes us inside Caribou Coffee's headquarters in Brooklyn Center to show us around and to see why this Good Company is still growing.

Caribou Coffee is beloved by lots of Minnesotans. The company is based in Brooklyn Park, but has stores all over the world. In fact, there are 234 stores in eleven countries. Caribou was started by John and Kim Puckett. They were fresh out of business school when they took a trip to Alaska. They were climbing up Sable Mountain when they spotted caribou. It was at that moment that they decided life is too short to do anything you don’t love. They loved coffee. So, when they returned home they ditched their corporate jobs they had lined up and they started Caribou Coffee. Their goal was to create a coffee shop where people know your name and you feel at home with great service. The first store opened in Edina on 44th and France in 1992.

The coffee beans are sourced from 11 countries. The coffee comes from places like Costa Rica, Brazil and Tanzania. The bags are shipped to the headquarters in Brooklyn Park to a spot known as the Green Coffee Warehouse. The beans are all filtered through an air system that makes sure nothing else gets caught in the product. The quality control and cleaning process is extremely important. It weeds out anything that shouldn’t be there. Knives, bullets, wrappers, and jewelry have been found. There’s a spot in the headquarters to show people what has been moved out. It serves as a reminder of how important that process is to the company standards.

All of the coffee bags that are used are recycled. They are used for landscaping or storage. Each bag weighs 150 pounds. All of the bags in the warehouse look like a lot, but it is actually only one month’s supply of coffee.

About 36,5000 pounds of coffee are roasted  per day at Caribou. To make sure everything is just right, there’s a quality control test every 30 minutes.

Caribou is a Good Company because of what it does for employees, too. Field team members get one day of paid volunteer time and headquarter staff get two days of paid time to volunteer.

There are a lot of new things happening. Caribou is looking at introducing a new product to its stores. Right now, a Saint Louis Park location offers Nitro Coffee. The goal is to see how it goes and hopefully more will show up across the area. Nitro Coffee is cold press coffee that comes out of a tap. It looks just like a Guinness Beer, but it’s coffee. Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros. Bagels are teaming up. Sixteen concepts stores will open this year.Emily takes us inside Caribou’s headquarters in Brooklyn Center to show us around and to see why this Good Company is still growing.

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