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How to Fix Your Pics

It's easy to take thousands of pictures with our digital cameras and smartphones - but how do you make them look really good? TCL Senior Producer and professional photographer Christian Unser shares a few tips and tricks to fix your pics!

1. Get to their level - When taking pictures of kids and pets, try to get down to their level. This allows you to "see" the world from their perspective. Plus, adults often take pictures from our adult height, so getting down low to a kid or pet's level is a view you don't normally see from day to day.

2. Fix it in post - This is a term that's often used in the film and video business, but it can apply to your pictures too. Many smartphones come with photo editing tools and there are free options on the home computer too. Adjust things like brightness, contrast and tone to make a picture "pop". You can also straighten or angle a picture, which can make for a more pleasing or interesting image.

3. Use your shutter - A fast shutter speed can make a running baseball player or sprinting puppy seem to "freeze" in mid-leap. If your action shots are always blurry, try using a tripod. But if it's still not as clear as you'd like, adjust the shutter to "freeze" the action. That means the shutter is only open for a fraction of a second. A running baseball player will change positions even in a fraction of a second, and that's what causes blurring. Making that shutter open and close faster and faster will mean your subject moves less and less in the time it's taking the picture. This is also what the "Sports" mode is doing if you have that preset on your camera.

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