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Power Colors and Patterns on ABC Shows

When the "Scandal" showrunners gave Olivia Pope a new red trenchcoat, they were making a big statement about the character. Communications coach Roshini Rajkumar tells us how tv shows use power colors and patterns to tell their stories.

Scandal - Olivia Pope's new red coat signified a change in power from the black and white wardrobe she usually wore.

Shark Tank - The "sharks" are often seen in power suits, bold blacks and royal colors to go signify their station as decision makers.

black-ish - The characters on this hit show are often show wearing wild patterns and their rooms are decked out in patterns too. This can help bring out the personality of those characters.

Green - 16 years ago, Jennifer Lopez wowed the Grammys (and the world) with her low-cut Versace dress. Recently, Julianne Moore hit the red carpet in a stunning green dress too. Green is always an attention-getting choice.

White - There have been lots of white dresses on display during red carpet season over the last few years. The color is bold yet classic and works for many different skin tones.

Roshini is a communications coach, speaker and author. You can find out more about her services and pick up a copy of her book "Communicate That!" on her website, OwnYourWow.