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Good Company: Old Log Theater

Old Log Theater has been around for 75 years, making it the oldest running professional theater in Minnesota. Shows were first held in a small horse barn. In the beginning, the shows were only held in the summer. Eventually, they became so popular that more shows were added and a bigger theater was built in the 1960’s. Today, that’s the same theater that folks still head to Excelsior to enjoy. Old Log Theater sits on 13 acres of land. It’s just a short drive from the cities. The property still has the original barn where shows were held. You can also see the old log cabin that gave the theater its name.

In the last three years, Greg Frankenfield and his wife have taken over the theater. There’s still the old school feel that people have grown to love, but there have also been several updates. There’s new lighting and sound equipment. The lobby has completely been re-done. So has the restaurant. Cast and Cru is open for anyone who wants to come and try it. It’s not just for theater goers.

The shows have also changed. The Old Log Theater doesn’t just showcase classics. They now also go after newer, more modern shows in hopes of attracting more new fans. It’s that mix of the old and new that has kept Old Log going. Emily gets a tour with the Artistic Director, Kent Knutson, to show us around this Good Company.

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