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Wallace the Pit Bull's Legacy

Wallace the pit bull was a rescue dog who had been targeted for euthanasia. Roo Yori adopted him, took him into his family, and eventually Wallace became a world champion. And all it took was a Frisbee. 

Wallace passed away in 2013, but he left an unbelievable legacy. Working with his owner Roo, he won multiple national and world Frisbee championships. Pit bulls were not traditionally seen as "Frisbee dogs" but Wallace proved it wasn't the breed that mattered. He inspired a best-selling novel. And the Wallace the Pit Bull foundation works to help all rescue dogs get a chance at a better life. 


To find out more about Wallace and the Foundation, visit their website here.

Roo also demonstrated a few tricks you can try with your own dog to see if they are interested in the Frisbee Dog sport.