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Em’s Adventures: Bar Stool Olympics

We Minnesotans are all about embracing the winter, but there’s one crew that has taken that to the extreme. The Goodhue/Bellchester Rail Riders are a snowmobile and ATV club that has found a unique way to raise money for their adventures. After seeing it in Wisconsin, they decided to start their own Bar Stool Olympics.

Competitors create their own bar stool, attached to skis and they race down a snow hill. There are specific rules as to how high the stool can be and what it can have on it that the competitors follow.  Competitors go all out adding a little flare with their designs. For example, some folks have used a bike and another team used a keg for the stool. Teams consist of two people - the rider and the pusher (who helps the rider get enough momentum to take off.)  

The big event this year is Saturday, January 30th. In years past, it has attracted big crowds to watch. So, how fast do they go and how hard is it? We send Emily for an interesting “Em’s Adventure”.

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