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Make Your Smartphone Pics Pop

When it comes to taking pictures, smartphones have come a long way. But it's pretty easy to make your smartphone pictures look even better. TCL Senior Producer and professional photographer Christian Unser stops by to demonstrate.

When you are first taking your picture, make sure you adjust the camera so the part you want to look the best is both lit and in focus. For example, if you are in a darker room like a restaurant, you can tap on the face of the person who you are taking a picture of to adjust the lighting and the focus. This works on Apple products past iOS8, and similar settings are available on Android phones. You are looking for settings marked "Focus" and "Exposure" or "Brightness". 

Once the picture is taken, there are many apps available to adjust your picture even further. Christian recommends the following:

Tadaa - (Free on iOS): This app has a variety of filters and settings to adjust, including brightness and contrast. Pushing both brightness and contrast up on any picture tends to make it "pop" a little more than it does by itself. You can get Tadaa app here.

Afterfocus ($.99 and $1.99 on iOS and Android): This app provides a simple interface to make the backgrounds of your photos look blurry. This can emulate the appearance of a higher-end camera with a lens that has a shallower depth of field. Afterfocus is available here for Android and here for iOS.

For information on Christian's photography services, visit the company website for Unser Imagery here.