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1/22 Movie Trip: 2016 Movies

2015 was a huge year for movies, with record-setters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and accolades for movies like The Martian and Spotlight. But 2016 looks like it could be even bigger. Paul McGuire Grimes from Paul's Trip to the Movies shares the movies he's excited about in the new year.

Director: Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane
Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Idris Elba, Ty Burrell, Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy
Thirteen years later, Pixar is releasing a sequel to Finding Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres is back as Dory who just keeps swimming! The story takes place six months after the Nemo and finds Dory on the search for her parents played by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy. 
Release Date: June 17
Director: Paul Feig
Starring: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth
The director of Bridesmaids and Spy is behind the reboot of a female version of Ghostbusters starring Melissa McCarthy and SNL stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Chris Hemsworth takes on the role of their secretary in their fire station office. The plot loosely follows the original and finds Wiig and McCarthy as authors of a book claiming ghosts are real. Years later, Wiig is fired from a teaching job when the book resurfaces. The four women team up when ghosts start haunting New York City. Expect to see cameos from original Ghostbusters stars Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, and Sigourney Weaver.
Release Date: July 15
Director: David Yates
Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Colin Farrell, Ron Pearlman
Harry Potter fans will be relieved to hear that J.K. Rowling’s follow-up short story is coming to the big screen. You may remember that “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was a text book Harry Potter read by author Newt Scamander. Rowling wrote the script to the movie that focuses on Newt Scamander, a wizard and member of the British Ministry of Magic, played by Eddie Redmayne. When he arrives at the Magical Congress of the United States of America, disaster strikes when his briefcase full of magical beasts and creatures pops open. Their escape threatens the relations between wizards and non-magical humans. David Yates who directed the last four Harry Potter films is back to direct this, and by the looks of the trailer, it feels in right at home within the world of Rowling’s creations.
Release Date: November 18
Director: Gareth Edwards
Starring: Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Ben Mendelsohn, Diego Luna
Rogue One is the first of the Star Wars anthology movies that will come out in between the years when the new trilogy is released. Details regarding the plot and characters are kept very secretive, but its set to take place shortly before the events in the original Star Wars film. What we do know is that it follows a group of Rebel warriors who try to steal the Empire’s plans for the Death Star. This will be the first Star Wars film to completely go outside of using characters that we know from the previous films. It will be very interesting to see if these new stories and adventures are as popular and well received as The Force Awakens was when it was released.
Release Date: December 16
Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen
Starring: George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson
The Coen Brothers head back to the Golden Age of Hollywood for their next film. George Clooney stars as Baird Whitlock, the lead actor in an epic new film called “Hail, Caesar”. Baird does not appear to be the best actor out there, and now a group who refer to themselves as The Future has kidnapped him. Now it’s up to a studio fixer Eddie Mannix to get his actors in line and get Baird back before news leaks about it. I have a feeling that Tilda Swinton’s reporter will be on the scene faster than Eddie can handle. The Coens look to have another hit on their hands. They are no strangers to comedy and this definitely falls in line with O Brother Where Art Thou? and The Big Lebowski. 
Release Date: February 5