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Em’s Adventures: Aerial Fitness

There’s a new craze that is catching on with folks looking for a new workout routine. It’s called Aerial Fitness. The classes use a silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling. They serve as your “equipment”. They are not just for acrobats and you don’t need any experience to do it. The Aviary in Minneapolis has students that range in age from 9 to 72. They offer a variety of options, including Fly Fit Classes and Air Yoga classes. They even do special events for mother/daughter outings and date nights. It’s a low impact workout that you will feel and no matter your skill level, the instructors walk you through every move and help you when it’s needed. We wanted to see what it was like for a newbie, so we sent Emily to give it a try.

The Aviary has also set up a charity partner every month. So, every time someone works out, they donate a $1 to charity. During the month of January, the charity partner is Sojourner Project which helps battered women and children in the cities.