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1/15 Movie Trip: "13 Hours" and Oscar Nominations

Our movie critic Paul McGuire Grimes from the website "Paul's Trip to the Movies" reveals if the new action flick "13 Hours" is worth the trip. Plus, he shares a few of his snubs and surprises from the Oscar Nominations.

13 Hours (theatrical release)
Michael Bay has taken a break from the Transformers to turn to the true story of what happened during the Benghazi attacks. On September 11, 2012, a CIA diplomatic compound came under attack in Benghazi, Libya by local militia groups. A group of soldiers were stationed in the city to protect members of the CIA who were working there but noticed the severe lack of security in place at the compound. Six soldiers attempted to take matters into their own hands by defying orders and entering the compound to rescue a US Ambassador and the staff that are holed up in the compound.
It's Michael Bay’s best film since 2001’s Pearl Harbor.It doesn’t play on the politics behind Benghazi, just gives a first hand account from the soldiers that were in the middle of it. Many of the actual soldiers were involved in the making of the movie
It’s pretty go, go, go right from the beginning. Typically Michael Bay style, he knows how to blow things up. I still wish he wouldn’t rely so heavily on slow-mo action shots to make it dramatic.
Despite the non-stop action, Bay knows how to play the quieter scenes in between the attacks as we learn more about the soldiers’ home lives and the families they are leaving behind.
The movie uses a lot of shaky cam style to put you right in the middle of the action. The style along with some of the more brutal and bloody aftermath scenes may be too much for some audiences too handle.
Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? I forgot that Michael Bay could actually make a good movie.
Paul also shared a few of his picks for Oscar snubs and surprises from the recent nominations:


1.      Best Supporting Actor nomination-Tom Hardy (The Revenant). He would have my vote to win if I was a member of the Academy.

2.      Best Supporting Actress- Rachel McAdams (Spotlight) Such a strong ensemble. Glad to see the subtle/nuanced performances from her and Mark Ruffalo acknowledged.

3.      No nomination for the song “See You Again” from Furious 7 by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. Big Top 40 hit and sentimental song dedicated to the late Paul Walker. Many expected this to be nominated.


1.Carol – No nominations for Best Picture or Todd Haynes for Best Director

2.Ridley Scott no nomination for Best Director (The Martian) Many had predicted he would win the category. Reminds me of the Ben Affleck/Argo fiasco.

3.Aaron Sorkin- no nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay (Steve Jobs)

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