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Roasted Salsa

What once started as an 800 square foot store in Saint Paul has grown into a full supermarket, catering service, and restaurant. Milissa Silva-Diaz from El Burrito Mercado shares her family's recipe for roasted salsa.

Roasted Salsa
(aka, Easy, Lazy Salsa, “Salsa Huevona”)
4 medium-small roma or round tomato (about 1 1/2 pounds)
1 medium white onion, cut in half
3-4 jalapenos stemmed
4 garlic cloves
On a hot, heavy skillet (preferably with grill grates) line with foil. Lay on the tomatoes,
onion halves, jalapeños and garlic. (Other methods to blacken/char place on a baking
sheet about 4” below the broiler, turn as needed until charred & softened.)
Grill the ingredients, turning occasionally, until they are well charred and soft—about 10
minutes for the garlic, the tomatoes and onions will take a little longer than the peppers
and garlic.
Remove as they are done and let cool on a baking sheet or baking pan. Peel the garlic.
Optional, pull the charred skins off the tomatoes.
In a food processor, combine the garlic and chiles. Pulse until coarsely pureed, add the
tomatoes and any juices that have collected, and pulse until roughly chopped.
Chop the charred onion and stir into the tomato mixture, add with a little water (usually
about 2 tablespoons), to give the salsa a more spoonable consistency. Taste and season
with salt, about 1 teaspoon.
Ways to use this salsa?
1. Follow your safe canning procedures to can in sterile jars.
2. Add sour cream and mix to make a thicker, mild dip.
3. Use the dip in a Fiesta Layered Dip (beans, salsa dip, guacamole, cheese)
4. Use the salsa on fried eggs, in burritos, tacos.
5. Guisado (stew) After cooking and lightly seasoning your favorite meat or shrimp add
the salsa and simmer, serve with side of beans, rice, potatoes, saute vegetables. (to use
in a stew, double the recipe)