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Kid Connection: Marcus

Ten-year-old Marcus is full of energy and loves listening to music. He was born without eyes and is physically impaired, but social workers say his growth this year has been remarkable. Marcus has been in foster care for only a few years. He loves to be around a lot of people and craves physical mobility.

Marcus does music therapy once a week and TCL’s Kelli Hanson had the chance to join him during one of his sessions.

“He can sing on pitch very well and he likes to fill in the blanks,” Marcus’s music therapist, Kristie Shaffer said,” and he has a great instinct for music.”

Music therapy helps Marcus with his social and motor skills, mainly communication and emotional expression.

His special education teacher Janel Vrieze, says that the family that adopts Marcus needs to incorporate many therapies into his daily activities in-order to keep the stability in his everyday routines.

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