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Kid Connection: Sanni

Sanni Brown-Adefope from St. Paul spent her teen years in foster care.  Now at 32 years old, she introduces us to her foster mom who, she says, changed her life.

When Sanni was 8 years old, her father was deported back to Nigeria.  A few years later, her mom started to show signs of schizoaffective disorder.  Sanni and her younger sister went into foster care.  That is when she met Margaret Coleman, who she came to call Granny.

Granny was known in the community as a no nonsense foster mom, with over 270 kids calling her house home at one time or another. It was because of Granny, that Sanni reached her goal of becoming a psychologist.  Sanni was given a second chance and now she encourages people to treat kids just like Granny did.

The first step to becoming a foster parent in Hennepin County is to attend an information meeting to learn more about foster care needs and the licensing process.  For more information, click here.