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Kid Connection: Talondre

Ten year old Talondre isn’t looking for what you would consider a traditional family.  Kelli took Talondre to opening day at Valley Fair where he opened up about his ideal home.

At just 10 years old, Talondre’s sense of humor is already shining.  His Permanency Specialist, Mizelle Hines, says he is hilarious and is joking all the time.  He loves math and sports.  He tells Kelli that what he would really like is an adoptive dad to be close with – to go out to eat with and watch movies with.

A single father home would really be ideal for Talondre, but Mizelle thinks that a strong male figure in his life is what is important.  It’s also important that Talondre stay close with his siblings. MN Adopt tries to keep siblings in contact with each other, even if they are adopted to different families.