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Kid Connection: Levi

At seventeen years old, Levi’s biggest hope is to find a home.  Levi is just like any other typical 17 year old boy, he likes sports, to draw, and he loves to eat!  Levi enjoys cooking in the kitchen so Kelli Hanson took him to the kitchen of the hottest restaurant in the Twin Cities.

Gavin Kaysen is the chef and owner of Spoon and Stable.  He gave Levi a tour of his kitchen plus gives him a cooking lesson.  Gavin was pretty impressed with Levi.

Levi has been in foster care since he was five.  He said it’s been hard moving from place to place.  He wants stability and, to him, that means a mom and dad and maybe some siblings.  Forty percent of kids in Minnesota waiting for a permanent home are teenagers. Ampersand Families help get those teens adopted.  Teenagers can choose to stay in foster care past their 18th birthday if they are in school or a training program.


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