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Creator of Caringbridge

You probably do not know her name but you probably know the work she has done.  Sona Mehring has helped families around the world with the website, Caringbridge, that she created in 1997. 

The popular social network site was created when she was asked to update everyone about the premature baby her friend had had.  With her background in web design, instead of calling everyone she decided this was the way to go. 

Today, over 46 million people have visited the site and more than 408,000 sites have been created since it was founded.

The website has inspired Sona’s new book, Hope Conquers All, a compilation of stories from people who have used the site.  The book includes stories about children with cancer, adults requiring life-saving transplants, to victims of accidents.  It gives you a glimpse into other people’s lives, and, Sona says, makes you thankful for everything you have.

You can meet Sona tonight for a book signing at Mall of America at 6:30 PM in the Macy’s Court.