TCL Regulars

Robin Asbell Rob Barrett
Robin Asbell
Chef & Author
Rob Barrett
Cooking for Dads
Katie Blozis Nancy Burgeson
Katie Blozis
Baby Product Expert
Nancy Burgeson
Baker & Cake Decorator
Laurie Crowell Dez
Laurie Crowell
Good Foods Expert
Voice of TCL
Ted Farrell Ted Farrell
Donna Erickson
Family Cooking & Craft Expert
Ted Farrell
Wine Guy
Mike Frattallone Paul McGuire Grimes
Mike Frattallone
Handy Man
Paul McGuire Grimes
Movie Blogger
Natalie Jaeger Marjorie Johnson
Natalie Jaeger
Olive Grove Olive Oil
Marjorie Johnson
Blue Ribbon Baker
Jodi Livon Mike Marcotte
Jodi Livon
Mike Marcotte
Local Guy About Town
Jodi Mayers Mary Jane Miller
Jodi Mayers
Style Expert
Mary Jane Miller
Professional Cook
Susie Ries Amy Seeman
Susie Ries
Interior Designer
Amy Seeman
Fashion Blogger
Alice Seuffert Nancy Stoneberg
Alice Seuffert
TCL Kitchen Star
Nancy Stoneberg
TCL Fitness Expert
Alexis Thompson Senia Tuominen
Alexis Thompson
Crafting Expert
Senia Tuominen
Holistic Health Expert

Terzich and Ort

Jodi Terzich and Shannon Ort
Founding Partner, Terzich & Ort, LLP
Christian Unser  
Christian Unser
Tech Producer