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Cold Caps

Dealing with cancer is a battle that many will face in their lifetime.  Having to deal with losing your hair while undergoing chemotherapy is now something that you don’t have to worry about.  Be Well Producer, Kelli Hanson, explains Cold Cap Therapy and how a Twin Cities woman is working to make it available all over the country.

The Rapunzel Project began when Shirley Billigmeier of Long Lake, Minnesota was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.  She was able to save her hair by using the Cold Caps during chemotherapy treatments.  The minus 30 degree celcius temperature of the caps put your hair follicles into hibernation.  The caps require particular freezers, which a lot of hospitals across the country don’t have.  The Rapunzel Project is hoping to change that by raising money to buy the special freezers.

To donate and for more information on the project, click here