Wednesday, August 12, 2009
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Your Family Tree

Is there a rumor in your family that has never been confirmed or denied?  Lynn Lane of St. Anthony decided to look into the rumors surrounding her family to get to the truth. provided the answers for her.

For years there had been family rumors that Lynnís father, Fritz, had another daughter in Florida.  After logging onto, Lynn stumbled across a post from a woman looking for information about Fritz.  She thought she was his daughter.  Lynn quickly emailed her.

Realizing that they were indeed sisters, the two could not stop chatting.  Debra, the sister from Florida that she did not know she had, hopped on a plane to Minnesota to meet her sister Lynn.

From the first moment they met Ė the bond was evident.  And the similarities were discovered. 

While Lynn always knew that she might have a half sister out there, Debra in Florida was kept in the dark.  All Debra really knew was that he was a truck driver out of Minnesota Ė and her mother didnít want her to know anything else.

Lynn is helping Debra fill in the gaps.  While Fritz has been gone for 16 years, itís too late for Debra to have a relationship with the father she never knew.  But it is not too late for her to get to know him and build a relationship with the siblings she didnít know she had.

If you think youíd like to do some research on your own family, Professional Genealogist, Paula Stuart-Warren, has some suggestions for the best places to get started.  The first place to begin is with old scrapbooks, old letters, pictures, and birth certificates.  Talk to your relatives.  They may know something that you donít.  After youíve done your search at home, get on-line.

You may want to consider taking a class and a genealogist can help you set up a research plan if you need some guidance.  There are also a few software programs that will help you organize the information that you find.  Check out Family Tree Maker, Legacy, and Roots Magic if you think a software package would be helpful to you in your search.

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