Wednesday, August 12, 2009
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Flavoring Cheese

Patrick Moore, known as the Cheese Guy, stopped by the TCL kitchen to show us how we can personalize our own cheese.  Adding flavors to your favorite cheeses can cange the taste completely and itís easy to do!

Chevre cheese, which is a soft, creamy cheese that mixes well with fresh herbs.  Use  fresh herbs like oregano and basil and chop them up and stir them in.  Try mint or chives for a different flavor and if you want to add spice, try Tabasco or chili powder.

Honey is an easy way to sweeten up your chevre.  Simply drizzle the honey over the chevre and stir it up.  Drizzle come on top before serving and add herbs on top of this.  You can also try drizzling maple syrup instead and add some finely cut zest to the mix.

Brie cheese is another cheese that easily lends itself to being flavored.  For a fantastic Olive Tapenade with Brie simply split the brie in half.  Smear the olive tapenade (which is a rich Mediterranean olive spread) in the inside.  Re-wrap the brie cheese and serve.  Sundried tomatoes can be used for a different flavor.

For more ideas and to learn more about Patrick The Cheese Guy, click here.


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