Monday, January 28, 2019

Ask the Dermatologist: Skin Cancer Screening   ...More

The last thing you're probably thinking about on a cold wintery day is sun damage. But those sunburns you got as a kid, can catch up to you in your adult years. Your risk for developing Melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer, doubles if you have had more than 5 sunburns. It's why in our Ask the Dermatologist series, we’re starting with what dermatologists says everyone should begin – a skin cancer screening. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson chatted with two people who were diagnosed with Melanoma, the most aggressive form of Skin Cancer. Kelli headed to Advanced Dermatology Care in White Bear Lake to find out how to catch these cancerous skin lesions early.

Monday Night Meal: Sloppy Jane   ...More

We're about to heat things up in this kitchen for Monday Night Meal presented by Nordic Ware. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson, says you’ll want to fire up and make this dish sooner than later. It’s a staple in the Hanson household and it’s her daughters favorite dinners. This recipe comes from one of Kelli’s favorite food blogs, The Defined Dish. It’s a way to make Sloppy Joes easier and healthier.

Organizing Projects   ...More

So you have resolved to finally cut the clutter in your life and get organized in 2019 and decided to get motivated by binge watching the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Why not make TV time productive and actually get a project done while you learn some new ideas. The Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing professionals (NAPO) offers these easy steps to get you started.

Blueberry Pancakes from Driscoll's   ...More

Our friend Chef Daniel from Driscoll's stopped by to share two different pancake recipes - Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes and Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes!

1/28 Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk with 5 Eyewitness News meteorolgist Wren Clair about the wild winter weather, look back at when the Super Bowl was here and checked out a new Super Bowl commercial!

Worth the Trip: Best Bingo in Minnesota   ...More

Twin Cities Live's Mike Marcotte went on a search for the best places to play bingo in Minnesota.

1/28 4PM Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk about National Bubble Wrap Day, talk about the Reading Trainer app and share their thoughts on the new Star Wars ride coming to Disney parks!